Beyond the limbo period

Been some time since I last updated with a progress post, but since the start of the year, I’ve been pretty hectic with a few different things.

Firstly, I passed my PhD viva in December and spent some much needed time with my family over the Christmas break which was excellent. In January I did a bit of ad hoc work with REF (Research Excellence Framework) case studies. For those that don’t know what that is, for every x number of researchers a university has, they have to submit a case study showcasing the impact research that is being completed in that university is having in the wider world. This can be research leading to translational products and commercialisation of something, patents, patient impact, policy changes in government etc. Its a crazy world and I struggled a little if I’m honest to get to grips with a brand new research field, and describe the impacts in a very succinct way. It’s difficult when you don’t know the field, research or people involved to really get the best across..

All this was while waiting on the outcome of an industrially funded grant that I had submitted in Dec. This was successful, and the project started at the beginning of March. It’s a short projet of 4 months, building on my PhD experiences and post doc work I had completed after submitting, using biofilms and evaluation of eradication (can’t say too much about it!).

It’s a pretty difficult project for the most part, mainly because biofilms are tough to remove from surfaces.. Especially when the work that led into this was to develop a robust biofilm model! Anyway, work is ongoing and in the meantime, I’m looking for my next opportunity in research. I’ve had a couple of interviews, but second choice so far with little I could have done to get the job, all down to experience.

However, I have also submitted my first self completed grant application for a one-year postdoc with a different mentor to my PhD supervisory team. It was a difficult choice of who to approach but I have finally written and submitted my application, so now all that is left is to wait and hope it gets funded! Fingers and toes crossed!!

I’m lucky enough to have met so many lovely people along the PhD journey, and some of these are also coming into play with potential grant applications in discussion right now. So hopefully something will happen!

I’m ready to transition to independence now, and just need that opportunity to show how the skills and knowledge I’ve obtained over the years can be applied to my own academic interests. Such is the life of a postdoc, forever r writing grants and applying for jobs/money, but alas, just have to get in and do it!

While we’re here, why not check out my Instagram account: DanielJMorse. I’m keen to engage followers and do more to promote stem, PhD related activities, and research and microbiology in general! All along with some baking and family pics too 😀

Beyond the limbo period
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