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I’m A Scientist Profile: Haylo Roberts

I’m A Scientist Profile: Haylo Roberts

It’s time for another I’m A (Featured) Scientist. I am delighted to introduce Haylo Roberts. Haylo is an early-stage PhD student that I’ve followed on Instagram for some time now, and genuinely love the posts – mainly science related, but with an aspect into Haylo’s personal life too. It’s really a great opportunity to learn more about the people working in science – we are all different, but very much the same.

Without further ado, I introduce to you, Haylo.…

I’m A Scientist Profile: Ms Hayley Pincott

Today’s profile is a long time friend and indirect colleague of mine: Ms Hayley Pincott from the oral pathology and microbiology department at the University Dental Hospital in Cardiff. Hayley is an essential cog in the very efficient and smooth working machine that is oral pathology, receiving, preparing and processing samples, assisting the consultants with the ‘cut-up’ and interpretation of the samples for diagnosis. Thank you Hayley for all your hard work, and it’s great to get an insight into your experiences – a fascinating read!…