CITER Biofilms Workshop: “Finding solutions for sticky problems”

reduced-size-CITER-email-signature-v2 28.09.17The Cardiff Institute of Tissue Engineering and Repair (CITER for short) hosted it’s first ever biofilms workshop this year, at the Haydn Ellis building of the Cardiff University School of Biosciences. The event was sponsored by those closely involved in microbiology and biofilms research; The Society for Applied Microbiology, The Microbiology Society, and GAMA Healthcare. The overall aim was to bring together established experts, researchers and students alike, with a common goal of furthering biofilm research within the UK. There were a number of excellent talks, and a couple of networking periods that stimulated many discussions about …

Beyond the limbo period

Been some time since I last updated with a progress post, but since the start of the year, I’ve been pretty hectic with a few different things.

Firstly, I passed my PhD viva in December and spent some much needed time with my family over the Christmas break which was excellent. In January I did a bit of ad hoc work with REF (Research Excellence Framework) case studies. For those that don’t know what that is, for every x number of researchers a university has, they have to submit a case study showcasing the impact research that is being completed …

Some things to do (and avoid doing) during your PhD

Pursuing a postgraduate degree is a huge undertaking, particularly at the level of doctor of philosophy (Ph.D). It is a long commitment and huge expectations lie with those that are fortunate enough to be accepted onto one. Many people go through years of education; school, then undergraduate degree, then onto a PhD either via a masters, industrial expecience, or for some high ahievers, directly after their bachelor’s degree. Does this prepare them sufficiently? Are they mature enough/ready to do a PhD. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Life experience is really important, as well as maturity and passion for wanting to pursue …

My year in review: 2017

The year 2017 was always going to be a pretty stressful year. It symbolised the culmination of four years hard work; long days, nights, weekends; continous mental angst with the whole imposter syndrome, and “why me to do a PhD”, hours and hours of data anslysis, interpretation, and much more. It was the year that this all came to an end. So let’s have a look at the highlights of what actually happened this year.

IADR, San Francisco. In March, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to travel again to the west coast of the USA to attend the …

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

It seems as though my last blog post was way back in April of this year, about 7 months ago!

A lot can, and has happened in those 7 months, so I’ll do a recap over the next few posts coming in the next few days. I’ll try and do them in chronological order, so we can appreciate the happenings as they occurred.

I’ll be writing a few motivational posts to promote positivity and wellbeing for those also going through academia, pre- or post-PhD (and everyone else studing for that matter!), and it’d be great to try and give a …

Science for all! 

Science for all! 

I’m a keen public engagement (PE) enthusiast. I’ve volunteered for CITER on a number of occasions through the PhD, and attended events at Techniquest where we received training, advice and support to develop our own public engagement activity. I see the importance of public engagement for science, and as its now one of the key factors in securing funding, now is a good a time as any to get involved. 

I’ve known about the various PE groups for some time, and one of the biggest is STEMnet. Science Technology Engineering and Maths network is a fantastic network of volunteers to …

Top tips for attending a conference for the first time

Top tips for attending a conference for the first time

As a PhD student, it is inevitable that you’ll have opportunities to attend academic conferences. I’m in science (biomedical research specifically), and while the content may differ, all conferences are the same thing really – a chance for people to present current, novel work to people in their field, to network with peers/experts/friends, to make new contacts and discuss potential collaborations, and of course to drink and be merry. It’s a bit like Christmas really…you get to see people you haven’t seen all year and have a good time, and learn about science at the same time!

For some, the …

I can see clearly now

I can see clearly now

The leading statement ‘I can see clearly now’ has dual purpose. Firstly, I have new glasses 😀 20161019_165146

I haven’t had glasses since I was really young – probably 20 years ago now (man that makes me feel old..). I should have continued wearing them through my childhood and maybe I wouldn’t have needed them now!! Oh well. Ruben has glasses, and if he can pull them off as well as he does, I’ll give them a go. So I went to have my eyes tested, and sure enough I still need them (believe it or not). Heres the technical part …